Boys (and Girls) and Their Games: Part Two

Well, we have a nice little league going now, with 9 teams from all over the world, including the wilds of SW Scotland, the frigid north country of Canada and even at least one team from The Land That Measures in Miles. Since this is obviously serious fun, I thought I’d make a couple of final notes before the games begin in a few hours (with Milan-San Remo).

1. Each team has 24 ‘transfers’ that can be made throughout the Classics season. This, I assume, is important for several reasons:

  • Different races will favor different types of riders.
  • Not every rider will race every race.

2. The game is only for the above-mentioned Classics season, which, as can be seen on the right of the Velogames site, finishes at the end of next month.

Good luck to all for that 2nd place!

P.S. If anyone would like to join in the games, check out my previous post for instructions.

7 thoughts on “Boys (and Girls) and Their Games: Part Two

  1. OK, this looks like so much fun! Also, realism has struck me this morning, I do not even begin to know enough about racing to play.

    But with fabulous competitive teams like these your league requires … spectators, yes? And one who promises to yell, cheer, scream and be appropriately silly in two languages even.

    Is there live coverage on the site?

  2. Hi Gerry

    As a long time reader (and admirer of your blog) I couldnt resist. Anything to avoid working. As a late entrant and racing ignoramus I fully expect to keep hold of the lanterne rouge throughout.


    ps – your story is single handedly responsible for me buying a bike last autumn and entering my first sportive which takes place on 13 May.

    • Simon. I like the team name and don’t worry, ignorance seems to be working since Tootlepedal is in 3rd place at the moment (no offense, Tp, I’m just going from your self-proclaimed lack of knowledge…which I’m starting to doubt.).

      I’m really glad to hear about my little contribution to your new bike and racing career, too! It’s great to hear feedback like this. You won’t regret the move, unless of course you haven’t been training…then it could be a whole big world of pain, as I can attest to from my first race last year. Do you have a blog we can follow you progress on, btw?

      • Thanks Gerry. No, no blog for me, leave that to you wordsmiths.

        To be honest I’m loving the riding, more so now the weather is picking up a little here in sunny England. Our event is not stupidly difficult at 82 miles through a relatively gentle part of Scotland but could be the first step to the Etape!

        Having spent some time down your way for the past 2 summers (near Lagrasse) that just adds extra interest to your tales. Pretty envious I have to say.

        Keep up the good work.

        • I guess you know that I rode right through Lagrasse a couple of weekends ago, then. Great area and one that I need to get to know better.

          Does that mean you’re signed up for the Etape or thinking about it? Definitely doable if you put in the hours on the bike and last time I checked the map, you have some hills in Scotland to practice on!

          Good luck.

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