Velogames Fantasy Cycling: for people who really should be doing more important things.

I’m not really sure why I’m doing this, but one thing is clear; I must think I have a lot of free time on my hands! ‘Thanks’ to regular reader Roan, I am going to force a silly (but fun!) game onto all of you.

It’s ‘Fantasy Cycling’, and for those out there who are fanatic sports fans (NOT me until this morning, it appears) you’ll know what this is all about. The idea is to create your own ‘dream team’ by ‘buying’ riders from a list and keeping within your ‘budget’ (100 points in this case). Name your team, then watch how you do throughout the season (in this case, the Classics season, which starts tomorrow).

I just created my own team, but also a ‘mini league’ that anyone can join. Here’s how to go about doing it all, if you are sitting in front of the computer doing nothing (but probably should be working, if you’re like me…).

1. Go to Velogames and click on Enter Fantasy Classics Now.

2. Follow the directions and create your team.

3. If you’d like to join my ‘league’, go to your already-created team page and scroll down till you see the ‘join league’ thing – bottom right. Click on one of the links and enter 16092322, the code to my league – Languedoc.

Then, let the games begin!

24 thoughts on “Velogames Fantasy Cycling: for people who really should be doing more important things.

    • I take up your challenge for occupier of the league’s cellar. When I get home from work and find a computer that doesn’t block the website I shall take your ignorance strategy to a completely new level. I can name perhaps five cyclists and one team and I have watched a grand total of MAYBE four hours of professional cycling in my entire life. That’s what your up against. Good luck!

      • Steve, I’m glad you’re joining the fun. If you hadn’t I was going to entice with the knowledge that one of the choices for you team’s jersey is the US Marines motif. I thought that would clinch the deal*

        *click ‘change jersey’ on your team page.

      • Well played, Tootlepedal. The “Race To The Bottom” may be tougher than I first imagined. My team is formed. It would have been marginally helpful to have the team acronymns actually spelled out for my selections, but then again it probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference. It was nice to see their pretty jerseys all lined up after I selected them! I wonder how many will be caught doping? 🙂

    • yes, I agree with your process; almost like “pin the tail on the donkey”. May the best guy win ! From a woman’s point of view whoever looks best in spandex !

  1. Team “No Finish Line” has been entered into your league. I spent far too much time on this. I suspect the SWAG (Super Wild Ass Guessing) approach will probably win the day in the end.

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