Week 4 of Coach Rob’s Etape training program: finished. Me: ditto. Bring on the recovery week!

13 thoughts on “DONE (IN)

  1. I think you need a bigger sofa!
    flattened after the week.thursdays rematch saw me feeling about the same
    some guy with treetrunk legs pulled the lungs out home to Pezenas with a pink head and one eyelid half closed

    • The regret I felt for not meeting up with you and the Pezenas guys is disappearing fast, although it probably would have done me good. And yeah, need a bigger sofa, but must get a bigger place to live first!

  2. You look like me after a 10-miler. And if the photographer is your wife, she is much like mine – rather than make you more comfortable, she grabbed a camera to memorialize the moment! 🙂

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