Les Boucles du Sud Ardèche: Yes, it really has been a year.

As my 4th week of proper training starts and Le Sud hots up a bit (it was 20 the other day), my mind lazily wanders to the season ahead and the long list of warm-up sportive races that I’ll be doing before the Etape…then, I look at the calendar and realize that the first one is only 4 weeks a away! Geez, these things do creep up on you.

It could have been worse, though. This year I’m skipping next weekend’s France season opener (which I huffed and puffed through last year) and will start with my 2nd, the infamous Les Boucles du Sud Ardèche; in 2011, a race of wrong turns, road rash (thankfully, not mine) and a slow ride in the broom wagon.

This year, along with at least John (I’m working on other friends, including last year’s victim, Karsten), I’ll have the confidence that comes with knowledge and I will know where to turn right (at the oom pah pah band / food station) and will get to ride up and over the short-but-formidable Roche de Samzon (only watch this video if you can stand Journey) in front of the voiture-balai. 

For those reading in France, you can sign up on their site or go to Velo 101 straight. As with most sportive races in France you’ll need a medical certificate or racing licence.

13 thoughts on “Les Boucles du Sud Ardèche: Yes, it really has been a year.

  1. Looks easy!!!
    in tatters after Sunday spin
    left for dead on the first long climb by a seventy+ year old
    Gonna have to rethink the wine and fullfat training proggram
    round two on thursday

  2. Hi Gerry! My husband and I just found your blog while we were looking for a b&b for his climb of Mt Ventoux this summer. We have stayed in Sanilhac-Sagries every summer since 2004 (near Uzes) and every year he says he’s bringing his bike…this is the year! (he used to be a competitive cyclist, now riding 200miles a week around the NYC area) Very excited to read through your blog and get some ideas for his cycling adventures this summer.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I don’t need to tell you that your husband won’t be disappointed by bringing his bike over here. And chapeau to him for being able to get some many miles in in the winter, especially where you live. I’m struggling to reach 200 km a week, so tell him he has my respect (for what it’s worth).

  3. I can only dream of such temperatures as 20c at the moment from here in the UK. My riding temperatures for this year so far peaked yesterday at around 8c and I have been out in as low as 1c this year..
    Am I jealous ?? of course i am !!!!

    • Brian, you’ll be happy to know that we’re down to 14 today and rain is even being called for tomorrow (although that often leads to nothing). Will you be making a trip to France this year again, btw? Another crack at Ventoux, perhaps?

  4. I’m not even going to tell you how cold it was last week in Calgary (-37C, oops, was that my inner voice speaking). That said, it’s supposed to warm up to +11 tomorrow (now that’s global warming). If it wasn’t for all the melting snow, I think I’d be out on the road. Gee, that actually sounds like an excuse. Sounds like you’re planning a great year of riding events. I’m totally green.

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