Le Grimpeur – A Blog You Can Read

I don’t know about you, but ever since the internet took over my life a decade or so ago, I’ve stopped reading. Well I can still read, but my eyes start to glaze over after a few paragraphs (or around the amount that I can read without having to scroll down..). I’ve vowed to reverse this trend by reading actual books this winter, plus finding material that is readable online and, yes, scrolling when necessary.

Which brings me to today’s blog recommendation – Le Grimpeur. Le Grimpeur, a guy named Guy, is a full-time cycling journalist from my adopted hometown of Vancouver. He writes mainly about the pro peloton, from what I can gather so far, but with style – a nice, refreshing change. There seem to be plenty of articles on the rides he does a well, but I haven’t gotten too deep into the blog yet to be sure. His articles are word heavy and photo light, but even when he does add a picture it’s pretty darned nice.

Check out Le Grimpeur. If you are a reader (or used to be one and would like to be again..) you won’t be disappointed. I’ll leave you with my favorite article (a multi-scroller!) so far: On Writing.

P.S. Thanks Susan for recommending this!

3 thoughts on “Le Grimpeur – A Blog You Can Read

  1. I fear my writing style often places me in the “Critic” category! All the same, I shall continue to strive to improve my craft. Thanks for the blog tip – Le Grimpeur is quite entertaining!

  2. Reading this is akin to watching honey pour out of a jar. So satisfying. Laboring over sentences and paragraphs can be harder than doing a few good climbs. I always get a thrill when my wife tells me, “What you wrote was really good.” Thanks for the link. -Ron

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