3 thoughts on “Suze, Cycling (in Languedoc!)

  1. Gerry, what a delightful surprise!! I went to your blog to see what you have been up to and found …. me! Also, thanks for your comments on my site. This makes computers really fun … and that’s from someone more comfortable with things mechanical, like say, bikes, pens, telephones with rotaries. Now I’ll go look at your other new posts!!!

    • Fun, indeed! Now that my readers are following your every move, you must climb a few Pyrenean cols – they get bored easily. Hope the trip is going well. Other than the weather, it looks great. Was it a good move to forego camping this time, you think?

      • Gerry, Absolutely a good move to skip the camping and not worry about the cost difference. It is hugely comforting and strss-reducing, not to mention easier, to know where I’ll sleep and that I will eat!Good advice, from you and Pedal Dancer. I believe I was seriously food deprived a good part of the last, camping, trip. Cheers, Susan

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