A Ride in the Garrigue with Peter

I’ve made many virtual friends since I started this blog, and some of them have even turned into real people. Well, add one more to the list: fellow-Canuck Peter, who has quietly been emailing me in the background for months, finally made it over to Languedoc with his wife Sally for a 4-week vacation. A couple days ago he drove over here and I took him into the hills for a ride through my neighborhood.

Here’s Peter, trying to say ‘fromage’ and smile at the same time.

We’ve been lucky with the weather (if you like your weather cold…) and it was positively Canadian for much of the ride, which helped keep the smile on Pete’s face, I think. Here he is on our last climb before our intermission beer in Uzès.

View from the beer.

And our bikes. I learned something on the many descents we had today: wheels matter. Peter had some substantially better ones than me and he really flew down the hills, compared to me. On the last one, even when the road flattened out I need to pedal for over a minute to catch up with his freewheeling. You can buy speed.

This is Peter on our final climb over the mountain behind my place.

Finishing like a champ!

It was really great meeting Peter after all the correspondence we’ve traded back and forth over the months and especially nice that we have something immediately in common when we do meet. Cycling is an excellent ‘grease’ for getting friendships moving, I’m finding.

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