Hello Yellow!

Today has been a complete ‘vélo day’, as it should be when the Tour de France is on. Before watching the peloton roll through La Vendée this afternoon, I did the same thing (albeit at a slower pace…) through Le Gard this morning.

I rode up north, which I hadn’t done in a few weeks, and discovered that there are a whole bunch of sunflowers around Nîmes – something we didn’t have too much of near Montpellier for some reason. So here you go, an overdose of summer yellow, with a little green thrown in for variety.

7 thoughts on “Hello Yellow!

  1. Great pictures Gerry, so France at this time of year. The spectator that was standing too close at the side of the road that caused the huge pile-up in the peloton with 8K to go was also in yellow. I wonder how that person feels after being hit by a rider going 50km/hr?

    • You’ll be here soon enough, Tim. Your trip sounds great, btw. I just watched the video. Thanks for mentioning me. I’ll have to keep off the kilos till we meet, so you won’t be lying to your viewers 😉

  2. Enough with the sunflowers – you’re making me jealous! Round here they’re only about a foot tall and won’t be flowering for ages. We’re enjoying the Tour in the Dagg household and looking forward to next Saturday when it blasts through our village.

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