Donks – Day 9

Today was a long ride – nearly 100 km – but the extreme beauty of Slovenia (and its donkeys…more to come on that) made the hours in the saddle pass by quite painlessly. Well, not painlessly, I suppose. There were a bunch of hills to get over, as would be the case pretty much every day in the country. Here’s me doing my best Alberto Contador impression.

And failing miserably at it, as usual. But I was feeling sprightly for a reason. In Italy we learned something: we are either getting older, or we just don’t like camping anymore (I think one leads to the other, actually..). Also, apart from France, which has a campsite in nearly every town, other countries are not that reliable. And if they do have one or two there’s no guarantee that there’ll be road signs pointing you in the right direction. Finally, we find we are just too dead after a long day riding to put up the tent, blow up the mattress, unpack everything and chuck it in the tent, have an often dodgy shower, find a restaurant that may or may not be a walk away, and have a half-sleepless night because you pitched your tent on a root!

So, the reason my inner ‘grimpeur’ showing himself today was because I sent our camping stuff back to France, lightening my burden considerably.

Here’s something you don’t see in France (or probably any ‘latin’ country, I’d imagine), a maypole.

Next, a large valley about halfway to Ljubljana.

And a little donkey exhibition. Count yourself lucky, I deleted about 5 more…Shoko really likes donkeys and she had control of the camera at the time.

And one more ‘mule’ for the road. I felt like the horse on that sign more than once on this trip.

Finally, a couple of pictures of us as we inch our way to the capital. Next, watch us learn how to walk again with a day off in Ljubljana!

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