Into the East – Slovenia, Day 8

After a late start on a hot, humid Sunday, we made our way east to the border with Slovenia. I found what looked like a relatively unused entry point on the map and happily that’s exactly what it was.

Here’s looking one way..

..and the other. We could have taken pictures like this all day, from the amount of traffic we saw the rest of the afternoon. Except for the baking heat, the quiet solitude was very welcome.

The rest of the ride was sort of unremarkable, if totally enjoyable. just a few small villages and lots and lots of green. Oh, and a few hills.

We arrived in the hilltop village of Stanjel in the middle of the afternoon, and it was such a pleasant place we decided to stop for the day. Even had enough time for a little sieste, which, due to my poor planning AGAIN, unfortunately was to be a mere dream any other day.

This was my first experience with a Slavic language and even though Slovenia uses the Latin alphabet there was virtually nothing on our menus that we could understand. Even beer ended up being pivo! That doesn’t sound like beer at all. We got through the beer and water part OK, with a little creative menu guessing, but when it came to actual food we had bigger trouble. Very fortunately the word for ‘vegetarian’ (what Shoko is..) is something nearly similar, like vegetarianishe. She got the gist anyway. Of course, for chicken I just tucked my hands into my armpits and flapped my ‘wings’. I’m really glad chickens behave the same wherever they live!

And this is what we ended up with: a giant plate of veggies for Shoko, deep fried cheese, chicken of course, and my Union pivo. Although is doesn’t look that spectacular in this light, it was probably our most satisfying meal of the whole trip. I mean, how many times do you get to mimic your food before eating??

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