What I Did on My Holidays

OK, I haven’t actually had holidays yet, but as can be discerned from the blog, I’ve been pretty slack on the bum-on-saddle front. Well, I have excuses.

Firstly, next week Shoko and I will be leaving for 3 weeks on the bikes on a trip that hopefully looks something similar to this:

So, I’ll have plenty of blog material soon!

Next, I’ve been working on a little project that has been taking up far too much of my time. Not because it’s big and extravagant or anything – but because I’m woefully tech-challenged. What it is (or will be) is a ‘route finder’ site for cycling in Languedoc, something that doesn’t actually exist…although there could be a good reason for that! But I did it anyway and hopefully it will be of some benefit to someone.


Comments are welcome. It’s definitely a work in progress. I’ve got less than 20 routes up at the moment, but they’ll be dribbling in slowly, but surely.

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