Sonya and Ali-What a Wonderful World Tour

My hiatus continues and so does the rain, so not too antsy just yet.

Nearly two years ago exactly, while living in Singapore, Shoko and I had the great good fortune of having two world cyclists stay at our pad for a few days.

Ali and Sonya had already been on the road, non stop, since August 2006, and had made their slow-but-sure way from the Netherlands to our place on the equator.

But get this, two years later they are still cranking their gears – currently in South America! The reason I bring them to your attention is because, if you are a cyclo-tourist (aspiring or otherwise), they have one of the best sites out there. For sheer content it is pretty awesome. Probably thousands of pages of detailed info, photos, maps, videos, country information, handy tips, and the list probably goes on an on.

So, if you’ve got a rainy Sunday ahead of you like me, click on the banner above and enjoy the ride!

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