I went east today, which I nearly always avoid due to the autoroute, national highway and train line. Generally not a very bike-friendly experience. However, I happened upon a ‘back door’ into the area the other day and decided to explore some more today. On my way out of town this morning I stopped at this replica (or far from accurate representation, according to Ed Ward) of the Berlin Wall, soon to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of its demolition. Read more from ex-Berliner Ed.


Then it was through the back door, which turned out to have a new cycling road going through it (added to my cycling path map for those who might like to know where it is)!


A while later I came to Mauguio, a small town with fews surprises, east of the airport. There was a nice flower market on today though.



I turned north after Mauguio, riding through pretty unremarkable scenery, till Castries, with its dominating chateau.


Then it was familiar territory the rest of my way home. I had my apple at a frequent guest star in this blog, 2000 yr old Pont des Tourilles.


Finally, a picture that was just begging to be taken. How much more French can you ask in a shot?! Baguettes sticking out the trunk maybe, but I think this says ‘France’ pretty effectively.


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