Central Europe Loop – Days 3 and 4

This morning we started riding on a river that, if we had the time, would take us through 10 countries and dump us into the Black Sea. Apparently there is a cycling path a good part of the way – at least through Germany and Austria – and it seems to be quite a popular thing to do. Oh, I’m talking about the Danube, by the way. The 2nd longest river in Europe, if you are keeping tabs. So anyway, it got us thinking about next year’s trip, and we might try and do a few countries of it then. The part we rode was very easy, and had plenty of signs to follow.


Something I never expected to see anywhere, to be honest, is covered bridges. But in Germany they have either preserved many, or rebuilt them. I think we rode over 3 or 4 of them in the span of a few days. Back home you’d need to fly to Madison County to see any!


Rain arrived later this day and we couldn’t find a campsite, so we ended up staying at a ‘gasthous’ along the bike path. This is what hotel rooms turn into when cyclists stay over…


The following day took us down to Lake Constance, across it, and into Switzerland. It was raining again, as evidenced by this Llama hiding for cover…looking quite distinguished while doing it as well, I have to say.


In Meersburg, on the German side of Lake Constance, we grabbed a ferry.




That sky from Mordor thankfully drifted past us, and it was just drizzle when we arrived in Konstanz, and across the street into Switzerland. This is the cathedral in the center of Konstanz, with two Singaporean cyclists in the bottom of the shot. You meet cyclists from many places, but Singapore is not usually one of them! And I regret to say that still holds true for us. We never did talk to them since we had a border and a bed to find.


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