Central Europe Loop – Day 2

This morning we headed out of Steinach on one of the many excellent, traffic-free bike paths to be found in Germany. The signposting was not always the greatest (especially when compared with Switzerland), but they were plentiful and always went our way!


This path, and a series of others, led us to Schiltach, a joyful little town with at least one very good cafe.




And we needed that pretzel and strudel for what turned out to be the mistake of the day. We chose a little road the seemed to cut off many kilometers to our next destination, only to find it first rise to a billy goat grade hill…


…then disappear altogether!


We ended up pushing the bikes for an hour or more through thick Black Forest, till we reached the top…of course only to go all the down again on the other side. It was to be a long day because we couldn’t find our campsite in Donaueschingen and needed push on further, closing in on dusk, to Pfohren, near the source of the Danube River, we were later to find out.

At least the campsite restaurant had a big beer waiting, plus whatever this was. There was a lot of it at least!


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