Thinking Big

Hey, did I ever tell you my dream? I want to cycle around the world before my time is up. I used to think I’d do it in one go, but don’t know if that’s all that realistic now. Don’t know if I even want to do it that way – I’m more an ‘inch by inch’ guy, I think. Well, I went ahead and made a Google Map of what I’ve done so far and, having thought I’d been doing pretty good with this cycling thing the last 10 years or so, was slightly shocked to see how much more there is to do!

I’ve still got a few years left before I totally crap out my knees, and there’s always those reclining bikes for old guys 😉 Next on the list? We are doing a 1000 km trip from here to Germany this summer. I’ll have to finally cycle Montreal to Gaspe next time I go back home. Italy, Eastern Europe or Scandinavia next year to make those lines grow a little longer in Europe. In the meantime I’ll keep dreaming and try to keep my left kneecap from coming detached and dropping down to my ankle…

2 thoughts on “Thinking Big

  1. Funny you should mention this; I was walking up rue de la Loge the other day and there was a Chinese guy standing in front of his bicycle doing magic tricks or paper-folding tricks or something. I didn’t get a real close look at what he was doing, but there were three newspaper articles hanging from his bike, one in Chinese, one in French, and one in English, and I saw the headline “Bicycling Around the World.”

    If you start now, you might catch up to him!

  2. I’m sure it’s pretty hard to get press these days. Round-the-world cyclists are a dime a dozen these days. I guess him being Chinese helps…the ones I know of are usually of the ‘Occidental’ tilt, as they say in France.

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