Giro d’Italia 2009

I can’t really call myself a sports fan, but for the past few years I’ve been glued to the internet, watching, listening or reading(!) the Tour de France. These past two weeks, mainly because of the return of Lance Armstrong, I’ve been sitting on my ass all afternoon watching the other great Grand Tour, the Giro d’Italia.

I keep asking myself how I can watch people ride bikes for hours on end, but no easy answer comes to me. Really, for most of a stage there is little action, other than the occasional crash, touchy fans, and pee breaks (understandably not televised for the most part…).

The other day though I think I figured at least one part out. Watching these guys roll through Europe makes me want to do the same thing! It is excellent motivation for future rides/tours. So, if you have a few more afternoons (or early mornings depending on where you are) check out this link for online viewing options.


3 thoughts on “Giro d’Italia 2009

  1. I have never understood how I can watch the Tour de France for hours on end. Perhaps you’re right that watching those cyclists is inspiration. Recently, I have been reading about the Colorado Peace Ride in southwest Colorado ( This is its inaugural year. I won’t be ready for it this August, but I plan to ride it next year. So I’ll be back in the saddle! Reading your blog has inspired me. Thanks.

    • The ride looks great – peace and cycling are a perfect fit, I think. Good luck with the prep for next year!

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