Barcelona to the Pyrenees – Day 3

The ride out from Begur was pretty average I have to say. Most of the day we had a major road with tons of traffic and little or no shoulder. 



There were poppies though!



I just realized that we never took any pictures in Figueres, our destination on day 3…or at least pictures of the reason I wanted to go there in the first place. Figueres is the home of Salvador Dali and has a really wild museum of his works, designed by Dali himself. I blame it on the high school kids. We were there during spring break (or the European equivalent) and the museum was filled to the surrealist rafters with teenagers not at all interested in what they were forced to look at. It wasn’t pleasant and we left quickly. In a nearby park we found some guys playing petanque, or whatever they call it in Spain. 



The day ended with a half bottle of Rioja on the balcony, so not a total write-off. Stay tuned  for day 4…at least there’ll be lots of photos.


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