Barcelona to the Pyrenees – Day 2

As soon as we left our buffet breakfast we started to climb, and it was a roller coaster ride till lunch. If you zoom in on the map past Lloret de Mar you will see the tell-tale sign of a hilly road…squiggles. It was just up and down and up and down the whole damn morning, but the views were nice and we were there to get exercise anyway…right? Here’s a view for you.


We were now in the Costa Brava, which I relentlessly insisted on calling the Costa Del Sol for some reason. This is close-up of a bit of the picture above.


And one more…


It seemed to take forever to finish with the hills, mainly due to the fact that I miscalculated the distance by about 30% the wrong way…but when we finally reached ‘the flat’ for good, our most favorite European food was waiting for us – kebabs! 


We still had a ways to go, but it was pretty flat except for the last climb up to Begur. We chanced upon this all-too-short cycling road as we were about to ride onto a truck-laden highway. If only you could find these things everywhere.




Then, in the rain and up a nasty steep little mountain, we reached our destination – Begur. It’s a nice little hill-top village with medieval castle.



But more importantly it also has jacuzzi bathtubs!


I should mention this tip as well. Travel a little out of season in Europe (or anywhere for that matter). We stayed at 3 and 4 star hotels outside Barcelona and paid 2 star prices. Next tip is related. Get a hotel with breakfast included, and pockets big enough to stuff for snack time along the road!


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