Every Direction Deserves a 2nd Chance

If you’ve been a good blog reader, you’d know that I have been fairly anti east-west when it comes to bike riding around Montpellier. Maybe it was the ‘vin chaud’ last night, but I was in a generous mood today, and decided to give the west another chance, and headed out to find a wine village called St. Georges d’Orques, one the oldest and most highly regarded wine pockets around Montpellier. It was 7 km before I got out of town (usually much less), but mostly on bike paths at least. I’m happy to report that this time the west didn’t disappoint. As soon as I found a way to cross the highway outside of the city, I discovered this bike path cutting through the St. Georges d’Orques vineyards.


Taking me right into the village.


There really wasn’t much in town, but the center sported an ancient church with an interesting selection of faces looking down on you as you enter. I guess India doesn’t have a monopoly on holy cows anymore.



After St. Georges d’Orques I started to loop around to the south and make my way back home, passing this little abbey on the way.



And one final bike path on the D5, a pretty major road around here, it seems. This one is quite promising because it heads due west, and looks like it goes on for a good while, running through pancake-flat plains of vineyards. The sun is out again, so I might see where it leads to sometime this weekend.




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