It’s Something…

Today just a little ride down to the Rhone-Sete canal and back. I read that the pink flamingos would start doing the funky chicken soon, as mating season commences in January, so I thought I’d beat the crowds and see if any of them were up to any hanky panky yet. There were a lot of them on the ‘etang’, or were they just decoys? I never saw one of them move even. Perhaps I need to get up earlier…


The ride wasn’t a total write-off though. I found a new way to avoid some cars – a dyke that takes me from the outskirts of Montpellier through Lattes, hooking up with the cycling path that goes all the way to the Mediterranean. A little bumpy maybe, but a small price to pay for a car-less path, especially since I’ve been riding with just my wooly hat/tuque/beanie since the cold hit. 


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