Cévennes Primeur

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Every year I spend my winter riding the rolling garrigues around Nimes and every spring I make a return to the best place on Earth to ride – Les Cévennes. In the last few weeks and months I’ve actually ridden into the foothills, but today – a little late – was my first deep dive for the year. The sign below guarantees some great miles ahead if you’re on a bike (or a donkey).

It being Sunday, I chose the National Route that cuts up the middle of the mountains towards Mende and Clermont Ferrand, if you really want a full day. I spent nearly 40 km on this big road with little traffic before turning right onto one of the limitless ‘D’ roads that cut and cross the entire park. The stretch of road below was on an 8km climb. I saw one car, three sheep, a dog and a non-plussed rabbit.

This is closing in on the end of the climb, looking back at the hamlet with the dog.

After this climb I descended a good 15km (5 cars) and ate a bar at our local castle, Chateau de Portes.

And enjoyed the view.

I’m woefully in need of some climbing, so I’ll be making a return pretty soon, I think. Here’s the ride: https://www.strava.com/activities/8983780072

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