Like Grandfather Like Grandson

If you read or watch the cycling press, you will surely know by now that Mathieu van der Poel’s win yesterday in Milan-Sanremo came 62 years after his grandfather did the same thing in 1961.

Raymond Poulidor was virtually an unknown at the time, having had maybe one win as a pro till then (in his defense, he’s not called ‘the eternal second’ for nothing), so his victory – after an attack on the Poggio, like Mathieu – came as a surprise and launched his long and nearly-lustrous career.

As for MVP, I wish I gambled because I had him picked. That was a masterful attack.

2 thoughts on “Like Grandfather Like Grandson

  1. one of the best MSR finals I’ve seen and maybe my favorite. I was rooting for Poggi but when vdp went I was amazed and in awe. I am so impressed with the Poggi/vdp/vanaert trio It was great to see. I was very surprised Ganna could finish 2nd, but I’m less a fan even though he is the best TT guy in the world right now for sure.

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