Zone 2: Year-end Update

Not really much of an update, actually, since I’ve only been doing Z2 rides since the beginning of November. However, I can report that I’m seeing Zone Two results in one department – fat burning. Since my first ride in the zone on Nov 5th I’ve lost over 2 kg/4.4 lb. Yes, there could be other stuff contributing to this, including me cutting down on beer a little, but it is the holidays and I’ve already gone through several liters of brown pop, a couple bottles of champagne and an steady parade of cakes, crumbles and cookies. I even had nearly a week off the bike recently because of my knee shot and my heart woes (fixed for the time being – thanks for asking).

It may not hold up under scientific scrutiny, but these are my findings. I’m just happy to finally be at 73.6kg again.

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