End of an Era

No, not Nibali, Valverde and Gilbert, although that has a melancholic feel to it, I admit. But out with the old it is, in the peloton and in 44|5 Cycling Tours.

Well, not ‘old’, or least not that old! Yes, my long-time partner in my cycling business, John, has decided to move on. It’s all amicable and we’ll stay riding buddies, I’m sure, but it’s also time to do some thinking and start working harder, smarter, or both, for me.

As far as ‘thinking’ goes, it took around 30 seconds to decide to continue by myself. I started this enterprise, in my own way, back in 2010, and I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet. In terms of ‘work’, I’m trying to dive into next season as fast as I can, while making sure all spreadsheet templates are maintained as John created them and data entered correctly (not mon truc).

For 2023 I have 4 tours filling already and have 2 of them covered by friends in the industry to help. Nobody will replace John, but new blood can bring new ideas and energy. I will need both!

14 thoughts on “End of an Era

    • I hit that landmark a decade ago. I think I just read about a guy in his mid 50s still playing pro soccer in Japan, though, so there’s still hope!

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