Covid: A not very cautionary tale

I’d been waiting over 3 years to finally attend my oldest friend’s wedding in Canada, which looked like it was going to take place last week. And it did, just without me.

Shoko and I hopped on a plane for Montreal on July 23rd, feeling just fine. We even wore our masks on the flights – something virtually nobody else did, I might add for ironic impact. We had two nice family dinners after we arrived in my hometown of Gaspé, and somehow avoided seeing Mike (the friend) or nearly anyone else who was invited to the wedding.

Of course we had Covid, either from the plane, or before leaving, and of course we gave it to everyone we ate with except my brother Fred and his wife, who’d already had it this year. We spent the rest of the trip holed up at my other brother’s place, where everyone dropped like flies, one by one. Miraculously, the wedding took place, although along with me and Shoko, there were cousins and uncles who couldn’t attend because of The Rona (unrelated to the French strain we brought).

Now Mike (on his ‘minimoon’) tells me that they are now positive, as well as at least one other member of the family. The moral of this tale is either ‘stay at home’, or ‘there’s nothing you can do about Covid’. Maybe there’s another one you can tell me about. At least we had some quality time with my brother and family. Now I’m looking for opera tickets, so I can wear the damn suit I bought.

15 thoughts on “Covid: A not very cautionary tale

  1. Goodness Labatts 50! Haven’t seen that for a while. At least there was some beautiful scenery for you to see. Flying to Calgary (tied for 3rd with Zurich as most liveable city btw) in 10 days so hopefully we can avoid Covid either before during or after the flight. I hope yours was mild.

    • My brother drinks 50 and didn’t get Covid from me. Maybe there’s something to it! Calgary ties with Zurich, huh? I wonder if weather is one of the criteria? In any event, good luck!

  2. Aeroplanes are notorious for spreading infections through their air conditioning so there was probably nothing you could have done about it except not to go and since you were invited, and they knew you would have to fly to attend, the risk was mutual. Bad luck all the same though. I hope that you get tickets to a good opera.

    • Snow in June…can only be Gaspe! I was actually born on a piece of the Chic Chocs (Appalachians). We owned a long strip of land that led from the river over the mountain. Beautiful country if you ever get the chance.

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