10 Good Years

If you stick to something long enough you will start to have anniversaries, even if they become a little scary like my 25th with Shoko coming up next year. Blogging is no different, and I’ve known some of you (virtually or otherwise) for a good while now.

Well, according to his lovely wife Rebecca, today is exactly 10 years since Stephen and I did our first ride together somewhere in the environs of Nimes. Since that time we’ve had many little adventures, including riding from Ventoux to Alpe d’Huez a few years ago.

Thankfully, things will continue soon, when they come over to stay near us this summer. Stephen and I are planning a ride or two, which hopefully does NOT include Mt Bouquet, ‘definitely not’.

6 thoughts on “10 Good Years

  1. Uhhhhh, Gerry ………. No Mont Bouquet? Seems like you’re leaving a great climb on the table. More to this story??

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