HighRoad Cévennes: Petit à Petit

In 2014 John and I ran our first tour as 44|5 Cycling Tours. It was a week in the Cévennes that we designed, put on our new website, crossed our fingers that someone would come across, know where it was, and be interested. Well that never happened, but we did catch the interest (via this blog, I think) of one guy in the Central Valley of California, and he convinced a friend of his to join him on that tour. It was a big chance to take on an unknown tour company and it was probably a bit of a shock when Rich and Jack hopped in our van and found out they were the only riders. They were good sports about it and certainly had a lot of attention that week in June 8 years ago.

The next tour we ran in this magic area of France was the following year, and we grew our client base by 50% – 3 riders! After sticking with it, we finally got up to a full van or even more, and HighRoad Cévennes is now our most popular tour (5 times over the years). And yes, both Rich (4 HRCs) and Jack (3) were back this year!

Same place, same time next year.

6 thoughts on “HighRoad Cévennes: Petit à Petit

  1. I love this story Gerry! You’ve mentioned Rich, from Stockton many times in the context of “the genesis of 445.” Thanks for sharing the full story. This tour is on my list of must-dos. Safe Cevenning!

    • Oh, that’s only the tip of the story iceberg, Eric! He tells it better than I do, so hopefully someday you two will meet and you’ll get the Full Monty!

  2. Does anyone really know how to pronounce Meyrueis? Stayed there thanks to 44/5 recommendation and immensely enjoyed the too short stay and solo riding in the area but did not make the summit of Mont Aigoual. Next time will be under the “adult” supervision of 44/5 where proper hydration will be made possible. Its also about time for another read of The Rider!

    • I know I don’t, Sam! We had one of our best meals of the tour in Meyrueis this year and kept thinking that we should really try and make it a stop for more than one night. It’s a great base for cycling.

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