More New-bike Tech: Disc Brakes

Gravel bikes come with disc brakes – I am sure I never had a choice on this one with Cinelli. I’ll admit, I was hesitant about them, if not a little petrified. Firstly, there aren’t many things I detest in this world, but screeching brake pads are right up there. I’ve heard many disc brakes either screaming bloody murder on descents, or possibly worse, ting-tinging rhythmically on the flats. So far my pads only touch the rotors when I’m standing on the pedals, so my sanity is intact for the moment.

I was never really sold on the braking power argument of these things because my rim brakes are just fine, except when it’s wet of course. Well, I gotta say that I’m liking the power and modulation of the Ekar brakes. There is really no comparison between these and the brakes I have for the Colnago. I can easily just use my index finger for braking on descents.

Am I sold? No, especially not for a road bike. There’s just too much technology and things that can go wrong for my liking, not to mention they are heavy and ugly. For off-road use I’ll bet they really come into their own, though.

I’m sure I’ll come around in the end, if only because I probably won’t be able to buy a road bike with rim brakes soon anyway.

8 thoughts on “More New-bike Tech: Disc Brakes

  1. On a mountain bike, absolutely! On a road bike? I’m not sold either, but I’ve also not ridden a road bike with disc brakes for any length of time so cannot really pass judgement (apart from the 🤢 styling). I hardly ride in the rain when I’m sure disc brakes outperform rim+carbon a hundred times over. Keep us posted on how you get on with them!

    • Will do. When I have my first catastrophic brake failure in the Alps and have no bleed kit on me, that’s when it might be going on Ebay!

  2. Gerry, I know this debate. I am absolutely with you. I worry about “too much” technology baked into the disk. Admittedly, this ship has sailed for me with a snazzy new frame in the house that is a “disc frame”. This more than anything makes me nervous…..stuck in rural MN without a bleed kit! What have I done! Good luck and keep the reports coming.

    • You are stuck, Eric, but at least you’ll be in the 21 century, unlike me and my C59.

      As for the boonies of MN, you hopefully have a wife who drives and will take pity on a cyclist down on his luck from time to time 😉

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