Blood Flows

If you’ve been following along you’ll have realized that I haven’t been all that keen to ride since Covid hit nearly 2 years ago. I’ve explored the reasons, but the reality is there – I just haven’t been motivated. I was about to decide to change all that till the dastardly Omicron came to haunt our dreams (if you watch news anyway) and now I’m wondering if there’ll be a 2022 objective to get me in the mood again.

But I did do some intervals! And as the name of my Strava activity suggests, they could very well be the first I’ve done this year. Intervals change the game, if you didn’t know it. They focus you and the endorphins that they produce are very satisfying, both physically and mentally. Give it a try if you haven’t already.

As for my motivation, I reserve judgement till we get through the rest of the Greek alphabet.

15 thoughts on “Blood Flows

  1. I changed my indoor rides from the 45-60 minutes to 35-45 minute range and that seems to have helped. Maybe a different challenge for a while Gerry. Just reading about the 4 mothers about to row the Talisker Atlantic Whisky Challenge. 3000 miles. 40 days. On the boat the Mothership.

  2. Nothing like a major cycling event like Haute Route Alps to motivate one into more consistent training. Since committing to this event (for the 3rd time), I’ve increased my average power through steady mileage gains riding in hills, and I’ve even managed to lose 4lbs, which at my age seems to get harder every year. I must admit, I asked the help of a sport nutritionist for a little guidance.

    As for the greek alphabet, COVID seems to be going the way of the annual flu. I suspect it will be with us for many, many years to come. I’ll simply get my vaccine booster along with my annual flu shot. No big deal, especially for healthy individuals like ourselves. My only beef is the cost of all the testing when travelling.

    • I’ve known you for a decade now and you’ve consistently ridden more yearly miles than I do in the car. You don’t lack motivation.

      Enjoy the holidays. Hopefully the hassles aren’t too onerous.

  3. Agree with the earlier comments.

    Intervals are great for motivation once you have the motivation to start them!

    I’m a bit in the “lack of motivation” camp right now but hope my annual festive 500 will restart things (The old Rapha festive 500 challenge to ride 500k between christmas and new years).

    As for omicron, I’ve heard from Tony Martin he is most worried about opicron.

  4. Omicron is changing Covid into the common cold, my brother. When the final story is written, this will be the first steps back to normal. Keep the faith and turn the crank. 👍

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