Bar Bags: Coming to a Roadie Near You

It’s now been an entire season with my bar bag, so I thought this article needed to be re-blogged.

My verdict is that the bag I bought (Leadout) is great. There’s virtually no difference in ride feel, although I suppose I’m being slowed down a bit by its non-aero shape, not to mention location on the bike. I don’t like saddle bags, so the ability to put all my essentials in one place that’s accessible (not while riding, unless I’m feeling dextrous) and not stretch my jersey too much is very nice.

I’ve had every sort of comment on the bag, too, from ‘ nice Man Bike-purse’ to ‘Can you give me the name of the maker?’. The jury is still out on whether this will catch on with the Road crowd, but my bright orange bike purse is making waves in France.

The Vicious Cycle

A friend of mine who is always ahead of the fashion curve was sporting something similar to this thing two summers ago when we rode together to Alpe d’Huez.

Here’s his Open Upper bike, with a slightly bigger version.

I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now that I’m looking at regular 5-10 hour rides this season, having a non-sweaty place to store my peanut butter sandwich is looking more and more attractive. Even a ‘mini’ would give me an extra 1.5 liters on bikepacking trips, too, if they ever happen again. Weight is not really an issue when doing huge miles (it’s definitely not a race), either, and the mini version I’m looking at is only 160 grams anyway.

You’ve seen these bags many times before, if you pay any attention to the new gravel / adventure scene. Even if you don’t, images like the one…

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