The Dating Game

I just got back from a trip to Canada where it’s safe to enter and fun to walk down the street – people literally jump off the sidewalk to avoid you. I’d forgotten how conscientious citizens act, having lived in France so long.

My 90 year old mom is clearing out her apartment because she’s planning to move back to our hometown in Quebec. I helped her a little by taking 3 carloads of stuff to the Salvation Army Thrift Store, in addition to bringing this with me back to France.

This is a Dunoon mug, owned by my step-father, and made in Scotland. This much I know. I tried to find them online, but nothing so retro exists. Based on what you see, what year would you give it? I’m going to say late 60s, but I’m probably off. To me the bikes themselves could be a huge range of years, but the kit design must be a giveaway for someone with more years of, um, “experience”.

6 thoughts on “The Dating Game

  1. Hi Gerry, this is what I found on their website. It also says that they’ve been in the pottery business for 100 years but I don’t think under the Dunoon name. As far as the year of the cyclists, they may have used a 60’s photo as the model.

    Dunoon is a thriving family business which began manufacturing the highest quality mugs in 1974 in Dunoon, Scotland. The concept was to produce quality ranges of stoneware mugs, filling a gap in the market with user friendly, beautifully designed original mugs.

    In 1982 a new factory in Stone, Staffordshire, the heart of the ceramic industry was opened and under Gordon, Alan and Peter Smith’s management, Dunoon developed a policy of working with numerous designers and artists to constantly update its ranges with new designs and unique mug shapes in Fine Bone China.

    • Thanks, Luc. So already my guess is off! Any plans on going back for a visit to Canada, by the way? I keep thinking that I’ll end up moving back, but every trip tells me that I’m not ready yet.

      • I was back end of August/September. It was great. I love it here in Europe but did ask myself if we’d move back where would we go. The west always wins out. Milder climate. Victoria or interior BC.

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