My Own Personal Segment

Today I hopped in the car and drove up to the beginning of the Cévennes for some slow and contemplative climbing. I woke up on the wrong side of the futon this morning and nearly didn’t get out on the bike, but as soon as I turned on to the road north to Alès and saw Mont Lozère, things began to look up. I don’t know about you, but mountains chill me out.

It was a great ride and I decided to do a little loop at the midway point that I hadn’t ridden in ages. This involves a magic 10 km stretch along the Luech River that features little hidden hamlets, chestnut trees and hardly anything else.

After this I turned right and started up a few km of 10% goat track. I found my 29 and took my good mood up to the ridge that brought me back to the Chateau de Portes, then my hilly ride back to the car. After uploading my ride I found this rarity on my activity.

A KOM on a 14 minute climb. I immediately got suspicious and checked the leaderboard for the segment, of course with me at the top. Below me was myself, then I. At least I beat my 2015 self, although even that seems unlikely, given the shape I was in back then.

So my question is, how is it that I’m the only rider on this segment? It’s a small road, but I can’t imagine that nobody has ridden it in the last 6 years. Has this happened to any of you?

2 thoughts on “My Own Personal Segment

  1. Don’t tell anyone about this rare find. I’d keep this location on the down-low. The only KOM’s I have now are down hill with a tail wind, but at my age I’ll take anything.

    • That’s good advice, Rob. I’m sure there must be a glitch in the Strava Matrix with this, or maybe I’ve found a road no locals even know about. Either way I feel like a winner!

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