Lachlan Morton Doesn’t Stop

You’ve probably heard about pro cyclist Lachlan Morton’s outrageous ‘Alt Tour‘ ride he’s been doing since the beginning of the Tour de France. Essentially, he’s riding the whole Tour unassisted, camping and scrounging grub where he can. Not only is he riding the stages of the Tour, but also the transfers, which I think adds an extra 2000 km to what the peloton is doing.

There’s a handy map that is tracking Lachlan, so you can jump out on the road and greet him if you live nearby, which is what I did yesterday (he rode within a few hundred meters of my place). I had thought about flagging him down for a chat, but when you’re riding 300 km a day there is no time to stop, even if you’re a pro.

8 thoughts on “Lachlan Morton Doesn’t Stop

  1. Superman!!! I wonder if you could have ridden with him or behind him for a while. That would have been cool too. Did you read about that guy in Utah, 100 Ironmans in 100 days!! Those are a couple worthy challenges for you Gerry.

    • A friend of mine rode with him for 10 km or so. He said that Lachlan slowed up so they could chat. I had a dinner date, so no time get on the bike and try to hang onto to his wheel! I think I’ve heard of than maniac in Utah, yeah. Will start training tomorrow!

  2. You should have brought your bike and given him a pull for a while! But then you wouldn’t have been able to show us these photos, and really it’s all about us, right?

    • It’s true. Nimes is a sprint stage, so I guess a lead-out would have been the right thing to do. I did have my car with me, which would have definitely worked better than my bike.

  3. Gerry – It may not feel like it to you, but he’ll remember that brief interaction as a highlight of the day. I’ve ridden (north to south) across the USA three times, (Toronto to Ft Lauderdale FL, Calgary to San Jose CA, and Calgary to Austin TX) and I remember every kind gesture along the route. Riding for miles and miles for hours and hours with no human interaction, the smallest gesture of goodwill is a welcome and uplifting moment for the day. That may be the only interaction he may get for the entire day, so although it may be brief, he will think about the guy that went out of his way just to wish him well for the rest of the day.

    • I’m sure you’re right, Rob. I love it when people appreciate my suffering, no matter what I’m doing. Lachlan might go a while without anyone running out to meet him, but I know at least 3 guys in the Nimes area (other than me) who did it! I think he’s getting as much publicity for his EF-Education Nippo as the entire Tour team.

      Never realized you did those ‘West’ rides. When was that? I recall the FL story, of course.

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