Pogačar Goes to Eleven

I’ve been trying to digest what we all witnessed in the Tour de France yesterday and have come up short with words to explain it. Then it hit me – Pog simply goes to eleven!

8 thoughts on “Pogačar Goes to Eleven

  1. Highly impressive. Maybe other sports should learn a lesson from the tour to make their sport more interesting. Golf could allow the next foursome to start driving when the others are halfway down the fairway. Or golf in a thunderstorm. Take out a few of the top players. I am being sarcastic. It’s unfortunate the top contenders have been taken out by accidents. I think Pogacar would have dominated anyway. Probably the only way to ‘take him down’ would be a tag team effort as Ineos had planned. Oh well next year.

    • I always try and buy the official program for the Tour de France, which inevitably has 4 or 5 riders who will certainly be fighting for Yellow. Every year it’s the same – 3 or 4 of the 5 are nowhere to be seen for various reasons. I guess it’s what makes cycling so exciting. Literally anything can happen and often does.

  2. Hi Gerry, A friend just sent me this. I hadn’t heard about Lachlan Morton’s (EF pro) doing a parallel tour to raise money for charity. Doing it the old fashioned way without support and riding between the stages. Impressive feat also. https://alttour.ef.com/

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