Silver Linings

Having stopped training for the Tour du Mont Blanc months ago now, this news from yesterday helped me justify my lack of motivation for this event (or most other things for that matter) this year.

In related news, the Marmotte Alps has been postponed to September and we are waiting on word about the Etape du Tour this week.

Looking on the bright side, imagine how fit we’ll all be in 2022 when hopefully all these big fondos come back!

6 thoughts on “Silver Linings

  1. Very sad, Gerry. You should set your google search engine for American events. There are several fondos on the docket for this summer. You could come over here and show us how things are done properly!

  2. I am glad there are others who have caught the lethargy bug. I am not as lucky with you as my event – Etape du Tour – still appears to be happening so I am psyching myself up to drag some extra kgs slowly around Nice. Interesting you mention that event; is it also under review as I hadn’t heard that?

    • Paul, you are not alone!

      As for the Etape, the latest I heard is that it’ll go ahead, but we were supposed to hear more this week about details (max numbers, etc). My feeling is still that it won’t be run, but that’s just me.

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