Julian’s Finger Wag

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a fanboy of Julian Alaphilippe. I think I’m not alone either – it’s just a joy to watch that guy win.

And he won yesterday on the Mur de Huy, catching a raging Roglic a few meters before the finish line. Alaphilippe was considered one of the favorites, but mainly because he’s won the race twice in the past, not really because of his form this year. He’d only raised his arms once in 2021.

Because of all the doubt people had about him – and possibly the doubt he had in himself – Juju unleashed 10 or 20 admonishing finger wags as he crossed the line. Looking forward to seeing what will happen in LBL on Sunday.

Special mention must be made to Uncle Valverde, probably the only 40 year old to finish on the podium of La Fleche Wallone. Whatever he’s on these days, I want some.

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