Etoile de Besseges: Stage Two

There’s a pro race running around my neighborhood this week and today’s stage (like most of the rest) took place entirely on my training roads. This year, because of some cancelled races in Spain, there are unusually big names for our little race, including three Tour winners (Bernal, Nibali and Thomas). John and I went out to watch them in two spots and ended up catching them in three by mistake. On our way over to St. Genies de Malgoires, where the race began, we rode through the finish line a few kilometers down the road in La Calmette. This was to be the scene of a surprising winner and a dramatic crash down at the roundabout that you can nearly see in the distance. Not sure about your preferred cycling race site, but if you’re not in France you can see this stage race on Tiz Cycling.

A few minutes after the start

Here’s the winner of the GPM points after the 1 km climb up to the village of Montagnac. He repeated the feat 3 hours later when they came through again.

And a slo-mo video of the peloton a few minutes later. If you really want to see who was in this race – and have nearly two minutes to spare – this will give you an idea.

The sound on this is freaky!

Tomorrow they dip into the Cevennes for what should be a stage for a puncheur / grimpeur. If my legs recover and if the weather is promising, I might try and get myself up there. Both are highly unlikely to happen, but I remain optimistic.

16 thoughts on “Etoile de Besseges: Stage Two

  1. In the video, I only counted 12 bike with Rim brakes. Seems like disk brakes have taken over the pro peloton. Next year, you will be hard pressed to find any.

  2. Gerry: I’ve watched these two first stages live (the last 30km)— so great to watch a race & even better for you that you can see it IRL! Was surprised about the carnage in stage 2; really feel sorry for those riders going down … and at several locations. Perhaps it’s nerves of the first race? Enjoy tomorrow—I’ll look out for you (if you’re anywhere along the last 30km 🙂

    • That crash at the roundabout was crazy! Cyril Guillemard said it was probably nerves and also in the early season races the body hasn’t learned yet how to react in a bunch. If I go out tomorrow it’ll be early on, so no camera time, unfortunately. I want to get back home to see the finish on TV 😉

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