Riding on Road

I got out for a 4-hour ride today in the wind and sun. As I was riding, my thoughts turned to my Garmin, which told me I was ‘Riding on Road’ for the longest time. This was deep in the garrigue and, although I’m sure the French have attached a number to my carless route, Garmin just decided it was ‘Road’. I imagine that ‘Riding on Road’ means you are in a good place for a bike ride. I’ll keep testing out that theory.

Not on ‘Road’, but a nice enough route

I also re-re-realized (I guess I realize this every year) that the south of France really comes into its own in winter. Yes, the Mistral was blowing, but it was 12C (16 yesterday) and I was comfortable in my winter shorts. It’s not always like this, but more so than the north. If only winter was longer…

3 thoughts on “Riding on Road

  1. At least you can rest assured that if you accidentally roll into the vineyard Garmin will tip you off. You know, in case you fail to notice.

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