Infinito: Living up to it’s Name

10 years ago I bought myself my first race-y bike – my faithful Bianchi Infinito. Here it is before I changed nearly everything on it.

Saddle, gone. Seatpost, history. Wheels, upgraded. Shimano 105 Triple (yes, triple!), replaced by Campy compact. All that remains is the stem, handlebars and bidon holders. But the skeleton stays the same, and it has survived 10 seasons of all sorts of abuse, including a couple of high-speed collisions with vehicles that I still feel today, if the Bianchi has recovered.

I guess what I’m saying is, don’t you think 10 years is long enough, even if the Infinito is the 2nd bike? Once I can actually work again, I’ll need to buy another rack and find some space on the living room wall for it to enjoy it’s retirement.

11 thoughts on “Infinito: Living up to it’s Name

    • I need to get back to giving tours first, Anthony, but I’m moving in that direction! I’m not sure which way I’ll go next time because I built up the Colnago from scratch. Custom frame maybe? Good deal on an online Canyon? Anything is possible.

  1. Unabashed shameful attempt to gain public support for the purchase of a new bike. You conspicuously omit the ‘newer’ Colnago C60…hmmmm
    and oh yes, Shoko won’t weigh in on the side you’re hoping for.
    P.S. get the Officine Mattio OM1

    • Too much idle time, Stephen. Shoko is all for it, btw. We both chose wisely with wives 😉

      Oh, and I said that I knew Officine Mattio, but I was mistaken. It was OFFICINA BATTAGLIN that I was thinking about. OM added to the list. They’ve got a few models I’d seriously look at.

  2. Canyon? No bueno. Great bikes, great value, sure. But dude, you have a Colnago and a Bianchi. You are not the Canyon customer. You passed that freeway exit long ago, whether you knew it or not. Plus you have an image to maintain. (Again, whether you know it or not.)

    Nope, you are doomed to a fate of excellence and distinction. Prepare to assume the position, financially speaking. Maybe that Time frame you liked a while back? My friend has a Calfee that has held up beautifully over the years and looks like jewelry. Serotta from the archives? (I’m sure you have the connections to make this happen.) Custom Seven Ti?

    Personally I would source a 70s Raleigh Professional (Reynolds 531 double butted) with all period Campy. Brooks saddle, natch. Modern pedals.

    On reflection, you need two new bikes.

    Riding with slow clients, the Raleigh. Fast clients, the Colnago. Riding with peers, the Time with full Monty discs and Dura Ace Di2. There you go. Problem solved. You can thank me later.

    • Tony, I like your thinking. The company bank account doesn’t, but I do.

      I’ve been looking at Canyon for many years now, mainly because I know a few people who ride them, but also the prices are very reasonable for what you get. They even have decent wheels on their full bikes, which never happens!

      But I agree. After choosing everything for the Colnago (and changing everything on the Bianchi), I suppose I am doomed, like you said.

      I have an idea for you. Combine another tour with us with a shopping trip in Italy for your next bike. Raleigh might not be that easy to find here, though. How about Peugeot?

      • Thanks for the thought, Gerry. Actually I’m only a bike snob vicariously. Good thing, because I don’t have the income. I did just buy a workmanlike used Cervélo this spring – in basic unremarkable black. So new new road bikes for me for a few years.

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