QRings: Next Thoughts

I’m into my 2nd week of trainer rides with the QRings and I’ll be finally taking the Bianchi out for a ride this weekend to see how the new set-up feels on the open, de-confined road.

What I can say so far, after 8 indoor rides, is that everything feels pretty normal, i.e. I don’t notice anything weird or oval about these things…unless I look down, of course. Then I get dizzy.

The knee pain I felt after my first ride as pretty much gone and I do think it was caused more by the fact that I was off the bike for a few weeks than from the rings. We’ll see as time goes by.

What I really need to do is a nice, hilly 3-hour ride with the Bianchi one day, then do the same thing with the Colnago (sans QRings) and see if I can tell the difference. I can say one thing already with some confidence, and that’s that I like the no-dead-spot feel when I stand on the pedals. With round chainrings this is where I feel a ‘gap’ sometimes, unless I’m in a too-heavy gear – right at around 1-2 o’clock on the stroke. If I can manage to lose all those 10 kg I’m planning on disposing of, I’ll be en danseuse much more, so this could be a good excuse for me to put some “ovalilty” on the C59 as well.

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