Tour de France Stage 6: A Little Ventoux

When I first climbed Stage 6’s only mountain, we were told that locals called the Col de la Lusette ‘le Petit Ventoux’. I actually have never confirmed this, but have certainly spread the rumor a lot over the last 8 years. I can tell you that it is a bit Ventoux-ish, in that it has some pretty steep sections, but there is nothing nearly as brutal as ‘the forest’ we all know and hate on Le Geant. What the Lusette has is a lot of sheep.

I just did a search through my blog articles and the photos above were taken on two different rides. 14% ramps are tough, but more complicated when you need to ride through a flock of moutons.

The whole last climb today from Le Vigan is 35 km long, with a little downhill between the top of the Lusette and the last easy climb to the summit of Mont Aigoual. I’m hoping that after yesterday’s freewheel to Pirvas the peloton will grace us with a little racing.

4 thoughts on “Tour de France Stage 6: A Little Ventoux

  1. Not much action. I’m wondering if Ineos have adopted a new post Froome strategy – ride at the front to see how many riders can join back on to the peloton. Still, it was a fast 42kph stage.

    • Luc, thanks for waking me up! Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on here. Was the pace too high that nobody wanted to attack? Waiting till the Pyrenees? I thought someone would pop ahead and go for a stage win from the peloton at least. Seems I have a lot to learn about this game still…

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