Running Watches

No, not for me. I can hardly walk after all these years of riding so much. I’m looking for a running watch for Shoko and thought I’d save some research time by asking the friends I have left who still have knees strong enough to trot.

Not looking for anything too technical, but GPS and heart rate are necessary.

4 thoughts on “Running Watches

  1. Garmin seems to be the most popular with any runners I know. I have a Vivoactive 3. It’s not the highest end but does what I need and it’s my everyday watch as well. It’s a bit big for small wrists though. There are music versions of the 3 and more recent 4 but good deals on the 3 if you can get one.

    • Thanks. I’ve just checked and the Vivoactive pops up on ‘lists’. I think my wife would appreciate something a little more petite though. May have landed on a Fitbit ‘bracelet’ that has just added gps this year.

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