Le Bon Vieux Temps

Today was just like the old days before 44|5 took our summer time away (I’m not complaining, by the way…completely ready for less free time!) from us. This morning I drove over to the north backcountry of Montpellier and did a nice little loop around Pic St. Loup. Pictured below are John and Erik, sporting ‘version one’ of our jersey. I’m wearing our latest that I just got from Italy this week. The new one is obviously more aero since I’m ahead.

There were lots of things to take photos of today, like the hundreds of cyclists we passed (I lived here 10 years ago and it was nothing like what we saw today), the majestic Pic St. Loup itself, or close-ups of John’s equally impressive moustache. But a village coffee stop is what you get (although if you can enlarge the pic you might get a good look at that ‘stache).

4 thoughts on “Le Bon Vieux Temps

  1. John, looks like a young version of Jeff Bridges! I now have a pony tail which is keeping me from eating my hair.

    • I’m sure he’ll take that as a compliment. As for your ponytail, are you going for the Laurent Fignon look? It didn’t help him in that TT against Greg Lemond, remember.

  2. I understand your sentiment. Just yesterday I was discussing the issue with a group of friends and we agreed the trick is to make a lot of money without working. That way, we have the time to do the fun things we enjoy and the money to pay for them.

    Congrats also on the fast jersey!

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