Purple Reign

It appears that Peter Sagan has given a bike to Pope Francis so that the Catholic Church can auction it off to raise money for Covid victims. This article, just published by Cycling News, is attracting quite a lot of comments, mostly aimed at the Church and the fact that they probably could auction off some of their own shiny stuff to help victims of pandemics….and pay some taxes while they’re at it.

But this is not a political blog. I just want to say that the incredible coat in the photo below says everything you need to know about Peter Sagan. Long live the cycling king of audacity!

5 thoughts on “Purple Reign

  1. Reading the article, the bike was given two and half years ago in January, 2018. Thus the winter coat. Sounds like the Vatican has now figured out what use to make of the otherwise tiresome object still cluttering the papal storage shed.

  2. LOL..The coat is the first thing I noticed..thought for a second he was auditioning for the part of Harold Hill in The Music Man. I agree with your comment about the church and its many shiny trinkets they could auction to aid Covid victims…of course you understand, the Vatican is astonishingly wealthy, so in reality, they, to make a meaningful donation, would be able just to write a check.
    Anyway at least I have my new winter coat picked out for next year.

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