And the Legs Ask ‘Why?’

I felt good this morning after breakfast, so I made up a route on Ride With GPS (Strava put this function behind a paywall this weekend) and drove 30 minutes to the southern edge of the Cévennes for what I was hoping would be a 90 km loop with 2000 meters of climbing. It wasn’t, but it was still good.

My route started on a large National Road that had hardly any cars on it this Saturday Covid morning and when I turned right after 20 km to climb to the Col de la Begude I didn’t see a soul on two wheels for the rest of my ride.

At some point after this climb (that kept on climbing for 500 vertical meters) I crossed into the department of Lozère, the most sparsely populated place in France and the least touched by the virus. One death and a handful of cases. It’s also my favorite place to ride in France, which is handy right now.

It’s too bad you can’t see much in this photo because it was a stunning view of the last part of my 2nd climb (really, the same climb). My road sweeps up from right to left under the ridge. There are also a couple of hidden hamlets down there in the valley that are so typical of the Cevennes. You really need to be here.

Part of that road you couldn’t see in the last photo

Above was my turnaround point, but I just turned around and scurried back the way I came. The legs are not ready for such a big day out yet, it seems. I still managed to arrive alive after 90 km and 1350 m of climbing, though, but boy it seemed harder than it used to.

You really have to get yourself over here and ride in the Cévennes. Despite the miserable look I probably had on the whole first half of the ride, I was sporting a huge inner smile. There’s really nothing like it.

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