Riding Together Apart

I had my first non-solo ride today with John. In France we are supposed to keep a 10 meter (30 foot) distance between riders, which rules out meaningful conversation and wheel sucking, both things I appreciate about riding with someone.

Everything started out alright. Here we are on the way out of Nimes on the D999. I’ve even got my Catalunya buff over my nose for extra security.


Around an hour into the ride things started going downhill and by the end we were riding side by side from time to time. This will take some training – we’ll try harder next time. What we really need to do is find a big climb because I’ll naturally drop back well over 10 meters if it’s with John.

8 thoughts on “Riding Together Apart

  1. Hey Ger, you Guys practically live together. I trust that the riding close to each other can be forgiven, just jeep in mind the
    ” no snot rockets rule”

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