One Arm, One Leg, 200 Ventoux Ascents

If you’ve been reading me long enough you might have comes across this guy -. He’s a friend (in the sense that I know him and I need to remind him that he might know me, too, every time we meet) who I saw first at Haute Route back in 2013. He has done many of these events and did back-to-back-to-back 7 day races more than one year, I think. And yes, he has one arm and one leg.


He now lives in a village near Ventoux and I see him often on the mountain. Why? Because he has a bit of an obsession with climbing the thing and has celebrated his ‘de-confinement’ today with his 200th ascent. Here’s his Strava activity.

And just to rub salt in our mere mortal wounds, many of those ascents are Ventoux Triples (3 sides in one day).

In other news, I (all arms and legs present) did a whole 53 km today for my first ride after 2 months inside. I would have gone longer if my allergies hadn’t flared up. Sniff sniff….

13 thoughts on “One Arm, One Leg, 200 Ventoux Ascents

  1. I know the story well Ger, Kudo’s! That being said, glad to see you back outdoors if only for the simple reason i don’t need to see a Covid # ride anymore. Now maybe the outdoors will build up the lack of allergy antigens in your body.

  2. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this guy doing our first HR ride. I was very inspired. I think of him every time someone gives a lame-ass excuse what they can’t exercise. As the old saying goes, “those that want it bad enough make it happen, those that don’t make excuses”.

  3. I remember seeing him in HR 2013. Truly inspirational and humbling. Congrats on getting out. I’ve had 2 rides and allergies too. And after 2 months of lockdown in 25-26C temps a cold ride yesterday 8-12c.

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