Me and Valverde

UCI Road World Championships Innsbruck Men Elite Road Race Aleja

Alejandro Valverde and I have some things in common. We are both ex-drug users (admit it, you are too!) and we both love cycling. We now have one more thing to share – the two of us are going to have to wait one more year till retirement.

I’m starting to feel a lot like him regarding his ‘lost year’, as I’m sure many of you are, at least in terms of your cycling season. It is what it is, of course, and I know we’ll have a fantastic 2021, all things considered.

When I find myself feeling like whining about all this I turn to those less fortunate, and the other day I thought about my grandfather, who never once talked about this, but it is well known that he spent over 4 years in several Japanese prisoner-of-war camps in Hong Kong. It’s nearly a cliche to compare what we’re going through now with The War (or any war), but it’s alway instructive to take a step back and realize how privileged we really are.

That tangent wasn’t planned, but I’ll keep it…back to Valverde and me: in the past day we’ve had 3 more returnee clients tell us they’ll be happy to wait till next year, as well as 2 others who are ‘new’ and have essentially signed up for a tour we haven’t even organized yet.

Since I now know that I’ll be working till 70, I might as well get on the trainer. See you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Me and Valverde

  1. Super clients. On the plus side unlike Valverde (and some of us) you still have all your hair 😎. And to coattail on your grandfather’s story isn’t it super what the English 99 year old vet has done and money raised. And now also a number one hit record!!

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