Splash of Color

It’s been a slow news week over here, so all I can muster today is a photo of my new Tubolito stem. I haven’t even tried the new tubes out yet because it started raining as I was about to go out this afternoon. I can tell you that they are holding air and have added a little color to an otherwise stealth-black bike.

For those interested in weight, I put one on the kitchen scales today and it comes in at 41 grams, compared with the 97 grams of whatever I had been using before. Times that by 2 and I’ve just saved 112 grams without going into debt.

I am running out of things I can upgrade that won’t break the bank though, so for those bored to tears by my little project, it’s only a matter of time before I’m out of money. Hang in there.

2020-01-28 16.10.39

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